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200Hr Teacher Training

200-hour Certified Teacher Training and Immersion Program. This weekends based training offers a strong foundation of knowledge covering the basics of:

Mantras & Chanting
Asana (poses)
Muscular & Skeletal Anatomy

Subtle Anatomy
Mantras & Chanting
Teaching Skills
Communication skills
Business of Yoga

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand how to incorporate yogic philosophy into your life and your teaching

  • Enhance your own yoga practice as you learn more about yourself

  • Better understand the historical and cultural influences on yoga practice and teaching

  • Learn to teach asana, meditation and pranayama

  • Learn to teach modifications for injuries and limitations

  • Practice speaking clearly and effectively

  • Design classes that balance safety, tradition, and fun

  • Better understand the poses and their benefits

  • Study the art of hands-on assisting

  • Experience, learn and teach smart sequencing

  • Learn about the business of yoga and how to begin teaching

  • Teach community classes in the studio

    This training will ask you to participate in asana classes, discussion, practice teaching, practice hands-on assisting and monthly homework of study and reading and writing assignments.