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The Foundations of Restorative Yoga - a training for teachers



  • The benefits of Restorative Yoga, and how Restorative yoga affects the nervous system.

  • The use of props and how to fold blankets.

  • Restorative poses for back bending, forward bending, twists and inversions

  • How to cue a safe and quiet entrance and exit from restorative poses.

  • How to sequence restorative poses.

  • Bringing meditation and pranayama into a restorative practice.

  • Addressing students needs by observation. how to customize each pose for maximum comfort and relaxation.

  • How to create an optimal classroom environment.

  • Causes & conditions of relaxation.

  • How to choose music for maximum relaxation and no distraction.

  • Yoga Nidra overview and template

This is a module in HRY's upcoming 300hr teacher training and will be deducted from the price of the training if taken now.