What is yoga?

“Yoga” is a Sanskrit word meaning “union.” Yoga as a physical and spiritual practice dating back thousands of years. Yoga creates physical balance, strength and flexibility. With continued practice Yoga cultivates a similar balance, strength and flexibility of mind, resulting in a greater connection with your spiritual self. By practicing physical poses, called asanas, we can discipline the mind and bring it into a more meditative space.

I can’t touch my toes. Can I do yoga?

Flexibility is not a prerequisite for taking a yoga class at Hudson River Yoga. In fact, if you are not flexible and would like to become more flexible, a yoga class is a good place to start. Yoga is for everyone of all ages! All you need is an open mind and belief in yourself. Flexibility is not the end goal of yoga. Yoga is a lifelong journey. One desired outcome of a yoga practice is a harmonious relationship between body, mind and spirit; that can be achieved at any age, at any level, without ever having to touch your toes.


What are some of the benefits of yoga? 

There are numerous benefits to yoga classes, including stress reduction, increased blood circulation, flexibility, and strength. The ability to relax increases and sleep patterns may improve as well. A regular Yoga practice can help shape the body and compliment other forms of exercise in which you may participate.


It’s my first yoga class. How do I prepare?

Bring your mat  if you have one, If not, we rent mats for a $2 donation (proceeds go to animal charity)  Wear comfortable exercise clothing. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before class so you can meet your instructor and fill out a form that helps us optimize your experience. Once that is complete, you can leave your personal belongings and shoes at the check in area, roll out your mat, and relax. Bring an open mind and be prepared to have fun.


I am a beginner. Which class is best for me?

Hudson River Yoga has created an environment appropriate for all levels and abilities. Our teachers are trained to set you up for success in your yoga practice whether it’s your first class or not. If you would like some suggestions on selecting a class that will meet your needs and interests, please contact us for a personalized recommendation, or check out the class description page – the beginner friendly classes are marked with a *.


Do I need to pre-register?

We do not require pre-registration for any of our regularly scheduled classes at Hudson River Yoga. Pre-registration does save some time checking you in to class though, so feel free to give it a try – you can download the Mindbody App on your phone to register for classes ahead of time.


Intro Offer - $45 for 14 days!

$45 for 14 (consecutive) days of classes

This is the perfect opportunity to try out classes and teachers. See what style works for you at Poughkeepsie’s foremost yoga studio! (new local students only).


Private Instruction

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General Yoga Class Etiquette

  • Arrive on time! The door will be locked once class begins.

  • You may sweat in class so athletic clothing is recommended.

  • Please turn off your phone when you arrive and leave it with your other personal belongings in the cubbies.

  • No shoes on the yoga floor.

  • Please don't wear fragrances to class - some students may have sensitivities or allergies.

  • If you have to leave class early, please let the instructor know before class begins, and set up your mat close to the door so as not to disturb other students.