River Flow

This is one of our classic Hudson River Flow classes. Vinyasa is appealing for its flowing nature as you transition from one pose to the next using your breath and movement to link each pose together. It focuses on balance, core strength, and mindfulness. This Vinyasa class is appropriate for all levels.


*All Levels Yoga

Everyone is welcome in this multi-level class.  Teachers teach to who is there, respecting limit and encouraging each student’s capacity. This is a full spectrum class where several categories of poses will be taught in each class. This class is both Energizing and Expanding. All levels are welcome, and no previous experience with yoga is necessary.


*Yoga Fundamentals

This slower paced alignment based class is perfect for students who are ready to begin their Yoga journey, or those looking to refine or slow down their present practice. The class is designed to be healing and nurturing.  Each class includes slow paced asana (poses), conscious movement exploration, as well as relaxation and meditation techniques. The goal of this class is to build a complete Yoga practice in a supportive environment. Appropriate for beginners, those seeking a more gentle class, or those looking to refine their alignment fundamentals.


*Got Alignment?

This all levels class is a time to slow down and connect with yourself, your body, your breath and your Yoga practice.  Through attention and awareness to detail and carefully crafted sequencing designed so anyone can do, this playful class will bring your body, practice and your life into balance.  You will have a new found confidence and inner strength, flexibility and mobility, as well as stability and better balance, focus and peace of mind on and off the mat.


Happy Hour

This one hour class is the perfect end to your work week, and provides an invigorating renewal of your mind and body to start to your weekend on the right foot. A very happy, playful, and fun-filled class!


*Yoga with Props

Sometimes we need props to help us understand an asana, sometimes we use props to go deeper into an asana, or even back off from an asana... and sometimes we use props to wake up ares of our bodies that are asleep.  There are many reasons and ways to to support ourselves in our Yoga practice. Using props such as chairs, blankets, bolsters, belts, blocks and even walls can help to deepen your understanding of each asana, which helps build confidence, increases range of motion and flexibility; balance and strength, awareness and focus.  These little “assists" enable you to get into and out of poses that might not otherwise be accessible.  In this all levels class, learn how to best support yourself, deepen your understanding of the benefits of the poses, and individualize your practice by exploring creative ways in this fun and supportive Prop Class.


*Gentle Yoga for Strength & Flexibility

This class is for those who want a slower more gentle practice but still want to work on strength, flexibility and balance of mind, body & soul.


*Tai Chi / Qigong

Qigong (or Chi Kung) is an ancient system of self-healing exercises developed in China and practiced for thousands of years. Qi refers to the energy that infuses all life and gong means the practice or work of the cultivation of Qi (energy). Qigong practice leads to better health and vitality and a tranquil state of mind. Like yoga, Qigong joins movement and breathing with intent to produce noticeable stress reduction benefits. Moving the body gently in optimized posture, deepening the breath and clearing the mind allows Qi to circulate to the organs, glands and tissues and maximize function. A constant flow of Qi throughout the body heals and maintains good health. All levels. 60 minutes.

*Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is about relaxing and restoring the body, mind and spirit through active relaxation and practiced stillness. This class is both for beginners to yoga as well as those who have more advanced practices. Bolsters, blankets and other props will be used as we do 7-10 restorative poses, held for longer periods of time. Everyone loves it AND needs it. 

*Sunrise Yoga

All levels welcome!  In this 60 minute class, the room is warm,, and the mood is welcoming to ease you into a new day. Students will practice a series of asanas (yoga poses) that will prepare them for the day both physically and mentally. Prepare to exercise, laugh and focus the mind.

Strong Vinyasa

Interested in taking your practice to the next level but maybe have been reluctant to take that step? This challenging class, geared for level 2-3 students, is designed to help you elevate your practice in a fun and friendly way. A deep exploration of familiar and not so familiar postures is peppered with body strengthening transitions. We will also introduce and enrich inversions and arm balances into our practices. Modifications are offered along the way to help each student work at his or her pace and level of ability. Prior vinyasa experience is strongly recommended.

*Candlelight Yin

"Yin Yoga is a complementary, balancing form of practice that allows us to stimulate and exercise the “Yin” aspects of our physical, energetic and psychological bodies.” Josh Summers

In many forms of yoga we only work the muscular half, or “Yang” tissues of our bodies. Yin Yoga allows us to work the other half, the deep “Yin” tissues of our ligaments, joints, deep fascial networks and bones. All of our bodily tissues are important and need to be exercised so that we can achieve optimal health and vitality. This class will help pave the way to meditation, while opening the meridians of the body and inviting prana to flow with ease.

*Activate & Rejuvenate 

This 75 minute class will warm and strengthen underused muscles and allow openness and release in areas that are overused. It focuses on improving alignment in the physical body, and fosters listening to the subtle body and adjusting from those observations to promote a better understanding of each student’s unique embodied practice. This class incorporates a lengthy cool down that with nourishing pranayama exercises to allow the mind and body to recover from the day and prepare for a restful calm evening. Appropriate for beginners.

Refine & Align

An All Levels class designed to challenge, inspire and educate students to learn more about the practice, the poses and themselves. Students will build strength and flexibility while learning to balance the body and mind. All levels welcome. Modifications offered.


*Beginner Friendly

Please feel free to call the studio for help finding the right class for you.


Private Instruction

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